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  • How to grow natural hair fast?

    Harboring the thought of cutting your hair because no matter how hard you try, it won’t just grow past a certain length? Or perhaps, you’ve tried c...
  • Why Are Natural Hair Products So Expensive?

    Going natural is never easy. Besides the time, energy, and unmeasurable effort that styling and maintenance demands, the cost of sourcing the needed products can be scary. Natural hair products can be so expensive you think you have a hole in your purse, but what really makes them so?
  • 8 Harsh Ingredients in Hair Products that cause health issues

    How do you decide what products to use on your hair? Do you rely on Facebook ads, TV commercials, or hearsay? If you’ve ever purchased a product based on info from any of these channels, sis, there’s a high chance you may have been frolicking about harsh chemicals.
  • Top Curly Hair Treds of 2020

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